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If you are not happy that day, you have to be nice to everyone around you if you want to get ahead. I don’t feel that I do that too much because I am a pretty happy person in general, so it comes pretty easily to me.CHRIS NEUMER: Someone, I can’t remember who it was, told me that if you want to know what acting is like, just imagine lying to your girlfriend or boyfriend. CHRIS NEUMER: It was a great analogy, but it’s horrendous to hear.

All day yesterday and then the premiere was last night. “Tell me about your character.” MARY ELIZABETH WINSTEAD: Yes, of course. Of course Ryan Merriman who was with me in the press junket says he wants to go out in a blaze of glory and gunfire so that’s a little more exciting. MARY ELIZABETH WINSTEAD: Yeah, it’s only my second one. ” If I’m talking to you, it’s going to be a conversation that hopefully you will be interested in it as opposed to, “So tell me about your character” where you look at me and say, “Why don’t you watch the movie, jackass?

I’m fine with love scenes, I’m fine with sexual characters and things like that, but I feel that nudity isn’t really necessary.

CHRIS NEUMER: Are there any examples that you can give of characters you’d like to play, but you just can’t get around the nudity?

I still take meetings on them, I’m interested in the character and I just hope that maybe it can be discussed and negotiated. MARY ELIZABETH WINSTEAD: It’s sort of a personal thing. MARY ELIZABETH WINSTEAD: Right, and then we don’t want to see it. I just feel that I would be betraying a pact that I made with myself and a promise that I made to myself and my family. I don’t want the people around me to have to feel differently about me or to have to feel uncomfortable.

Typically if it is something that the writer or director feels is important, then it’s going to be really tough for me to change their mind. When I see nudity in film, I don’t at all look down on the person who is doing it. I don’t want to be in a film that I can’t show my family or my parents. CHRIS NEUMER: Continuing forward with this, you often–and I’m not grouping you with this category because it may seem a pejorative comparison which I don’t mean it to be–but there are certainly actresses out there or who say, “No, no nudity.

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