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Before, there were apps where you needed to have the registration first, then you had to type in other person’s nickname, wait for the response to your request,etc.

With Viber the whole process has been fast, convenient and transparent.

In total we have 113 employees, 5 of them work from our small office in Brest [a border town in the south-west corner of Belarus, Editor’s note].

Our staff is divided according to the platforms Viber is created on.

Competition is definitely something what we shouldn’t be afraid of. Healthy competition is good for your business and we are very happy that this market niche is so popular.

First and foremost, it indicates that we pretty much nailed it, that we are on the right track and that people do actually need our product.

Two friends from Israel [Talmon Marco and Igor Magazinik, Editor’s note] were looking for better alternatives to other communication apps available such as Skype.

Easy registration process has been one of our strengths: we use a phone number to set up and confirm user Caller ID.

For long time we used to invite a ‘Friday’ guest to our office to tell us more about his/her profession.

It could’ve been any person not related to IT industry, from musicians to coffee gurus.

Or, for example, just recently we organized an event in the form of old school sports days.

Sack race and team competitions, — we definitely had a lot of fun!

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