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Illustrations and further details can be found in the relevant news article. Leonards at 1055, they ran via Rye, Ashford, Folkestone, Dover, Deal, Minster, Canterbury, Ashford, Tonbridge and Battle, returning to St. It is likely that our train has operated further such runs in recent months which have not appeared in this diary.

These two vehicles of our train got ‘turned’ in the course of the outing., a special trip to Grove Park, Maidstone, Tonbridge, Hastings, Canterbury and Ashford whilst providing Operational Response cover for the Tour de France. The five main-line-certified cars of our train (see previous entries) ran on a turning/test trip which departed at 1000 and ran via Hastings, Rye, Ashford International, Tonbridge, Battle and Hastings, arriving back at St. This turned the train round with motor coach HDL ran its Christmas Onward Railtour to Folkestone, where it traversed the nearly-closed Folkestone Harbour branch.

Videos show our train passing Tonbridge station, and the back-cab view on the return leg.Our DEMU operated the HDL Green Dragon railtour to Cardiff via Guildford and Salisbury. for George Graham; it ran via Ashford, Folkestone and Dover to Ramsgate, Margate, Gillingham, Farningham Road, Kent House and London Victoria where it arrived 24 minutes early; Despite its reversal at Ashford, the ensuing circular route to Victoria kept the train the same way round.At Newport on the return leg the train was turned at short notice on the Maindee triangle and driven from the other end, to work around a temporary fault with a horn-valve. However, to rectify the unscheduled turning on the previous railtour, during its empty trip back to Hastings and the depot it ran via Blackfriars and was thus turned round: the Club Class end once again faced towards Bexhill.Our train was chartered for the Olympia Express special excursion to Kensington Olympia and Shepherd’s Bush today.This charter was organized by a third party, with the publicity being hosted by HDL; that publicity remains available for historical interest here: leaflet, booking-form and final timings.

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