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There are plenty of reasons to visit France and why it attracts tourists from all over the world – Paris, the country’s capital which offers countless attractions from the iconic Eiffel Tower to Louvre Museum, one of the largest museum’s in the world.

Other regions of France feature diverse scenery, architecture, monuments, history, culture, arts and cuisine.

Written by Sylvia Sabes Sylvia is thrilled to be a French citizen, living in Paris where she writes ad copy for brands like Cartier, Hermès and L’Oréal while raising two teens and learning to share life with a Frenchman.

You can read more of her adventures in Paris and across the globe on her website, Only In Paris.

Men want young girls, or mothers to help them with their kids, or just a one-night stand. Adopte a Mec (Adopt a Dude in English) sounded great: young, fun, and with a great sense of humor.

One-night stands sounded pretty good to me; after two decades of marriage, I suspected it would do me good to play the field. I checked it out and decided, however, it was perhaps a bit too young for me.

It turns out Anglo-Saxon ladies are a much-sought-after exotic on the Parisian dating scene. Finally, I learned that no one ever uses a real, recent photo of themselves.

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Which left me with Meetic, the most popular site in France.? Profile uploaded, I was ready to wait, but actually didn’t have wait long. The relationship can start out being just about fun and sex." says Betsy Kasha of A B Kasha, an interior architecture firm in Paris."Each apartment has its own interesting story and specific charm which needs to be respected.Monaco is another tourist destination located on the French Riviera.The principality boasts several tourist attractions such as the famed Monte Carlo Casino, Circuit de Monaco, Prince’s Palace and more.

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