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Dunlap gave investigators consent to look at her phones and a conversation was found that started on November 26 and continued through December 11.Police say that the conversation slowly progressed to extremely vulgar with sexually explicit language.Based on the fact that she knew the age of the victim, yet continued to have sexually explicit conversations with the 15-year-old, Dunlap was taken into custody and booked into the Polk County Jail on charges of Transmitting Material Harmful to Minor and Using 2-Way Communication Device to Commit a Felony."There is absolutely no excuse for an adult — especially a high school teacher — to continue sexually explicit conversations with a 15-year-old long after his real age is revealed," said Chief Charlie Bird.

However, the 29-year-old alleges that it’s in fact the hotshot politicians who are chasing after her, and in this case, she’s blown the whistle on Radebe.All rating icons are protected trademarks of the respective rating authority and their misuse may result in legal action.More information about rating icon usage can be found on each rating authority’s website.When the mother of the victim checked her son's phone and realized what happened, she contacted Dunlap and informed her that her son was 15, not 19. 27 yr-old Haines City HS teacher faces felony charges after continuing to send sexually explicit conversations to a 15 year-old Texas boy after she admitted to police she knew his real age. Ds Jhc DPR Lukbit86— Winter Haven Police (@WHPolice Dept) December 19, 2017 Based on the information received that Dunlap continued to have conversations with the victim, detectives met with Dunlap at her home on Dec.

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