Im not dating him hes fertile

Out of the slaves that wound up in the Caribbean & the US, it is estimated that only about 400,000 of those slaves actually ended up in the US during the entire course of the slave trade.

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Both of these countries are on the west coast of Africa & neither one of these countries are no where near Egypt. There’s this little thing called mitochondrial DNA which all women pass down to their kids.

Be amazing if they applied this energy into something beneficial that could create a new legacy of greatness today leading into the future…but no, just more mental masturbation.

– A former Sacramento police officer convicted of raping a 75-year-old stroke victim in her senior living apartment has been sentenced to life in prison, court records show.

It is literally a shorter trip from Angola, Africa to Brazil, South America than it is to go up to the Caribbean & North America from Angola or Senegambia.

For the other 2.5 million African slaves that didn’t end up in Brazil but ended up in North America & the Caribbean, most of these slaves came from Senegambia & about a quarter of them came from Angola.

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