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The e-book Twelve—technically it’s an app—is really about this obsolete chat room environment.

The reader “signs in” to AOL as Anni, enters the chat room, and meets all the characters.

Then they start talking normally, and ultimately they interact directly, inhabiting the same physical space.

The way that this older guy interacted with me has always been very clear in my mind, but as I began writing about our relationship, all of these crazy elements of the middle school politics of the chat room community came back to me. I needed to figure these things out to re-create the story.Given the novelty of the digital era, there is, as yet, no formal definition of cybersexual violence.But extending our definition of offline sexual violence to the cyberworld, cybersexual assault may be described as the use of digital tools, in particular, social media and communication technologies, for unwarranted sexual comments and advances, solicitation of sexual favors, and sexual coercion.It’s about showing how real this other world was to me.I want to portray what it was like to come of age, and to begin experimenting sexually, right as this Internet platform for anonymous interaction emerged.

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