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To quote a great person on this 'For if you are meditating then upon what do you meditate ... He also taught basic meditation techniques before and after the asanas/pose.I just do not appreciate any show of superiority, of being in the know of the way to self realization, inner peace, inner quiet, etc.First he would need to explain what these words mean.Sitting still at ease, with thought control is proven to lower the puse rate and increase the oxygen supply, it does feel good afterwards.Lot of people come to Yoga for different reasons physical fitness being the foremost.For one I read that it keeps your body more flexible if practised over a longer period of time and one can be in better physical health at an older age.It is not something that can be taught in a Yoga Class or for that matter any other class.

Yoga just like any spiritual discipline starts at this level i.e.No philosophy, no beliefs, and be in the pursuit of well being. Not a fan of anything related to divine/god though In general, talk about worshipping something and divine talk would be a turn off (for me). Understand the meditator first and why the meditator wants to medidate then meditation will happen automatically' Regards Venkat I like it. Imagine yourself in a pool of money like Uncle Scrooge?v=-Ld F6Wz4y Wg There is a course coming up in Long Beach. Perhaps I should mute all such talk, and just see what he has to say about yoga from a fitness perspective. Yes, its pretty difficult to meditate on God or on signs that say 'Om' or even on breathe. Yoga is not just about physical fitness if that is what the most recent post meant when there is mention of 'Fitness'.It sounds more sophisticated to say I attend Yoga Classes rather than just say ''I go to the GYM or Go for a Jog', not that subscribe to it or do this but there are people who do this. I am not Patanjali and not in this forum/thread to support yoga or prove anything for or against Yoga.Different people come for different reasons and stop at various levels wherever they are satisified with be it physical, mental Who is showing superiority here ? Self Realization is understanding the true nature of your self what "I" means which according to scriptures is not the Body, Mind, Intellect or Ego.

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