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The Sudans, however, always prove to be more complicated than any of these narratives assert them to be.Which brings me back to my own family history, for it is a history that sets into relief the complexity of identity in the region.I am intrigued by this history not only because it has shaped my own family heritage, but also because it sheds light on some of the inequalities that have characterised the relationship between the two Sudans.In the north, to this day, the derogatory term for a South Sudanese is – literally, “slave”.Yes, hostages were taken during the war, but “hostage taking”, argued those like Sudan specialist Alex de Waal, was a very different thing from slavery.

She gave birth to several children, one of whom was my grandfather.

The city itself eases you in to Moroccan culture gently by offering up European-style cafes and smart hotels alongside its bustling souks and Moroccan restaurants.

Agadir is also close to the shape-shifting sands of the Saharan desert.

Fatin Abbas is one of the 2015 winners of a Morland Writing Scholarship which will allow her to research and write a book on contemporary Sudanese identity.

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