Cam boychat

Yet dozens and probably hundreds of tweeters and relentlessly rag on her as if we were in a hotly contested election week in a Swiftian Yahoo land.

Barack Obama, who is now condemned to being an after-dinner speaker for life, is also constantly AK’d with There are daily calls for his arrest, even his death — not to mention fantasies that he’s gay and his wife Michelle is trans (pre-op, as quasi-indicated by dubious online photos showing midriff folds in her dress).

LGBT discrimination banned at the Olympics and you’re busted for doping. I raise the seemingly obscure topic of the Russo-Georgian war of 2008 because it was the first war in history where full-fledged cyberwar — the hacker and DDOS (direct denial of services) components, plus the disinformation component — was used as part of the military effort.

This Russian innovation caught the Georgians completely by surprise, and it would still surprise many people today who don’t study such things.

The Red Bear kept the genocidal hordes from the south out, if nothing else — though most of those hordes seemed to be civilizing up nicely in any case.

Growing up in an Armenian-American household in the late-mid 20th century, I had the impression that the absorption of Armenia into the Soviet Union wasn’t the worst forced association in history.

I’ll describe this bizarre item, for the benefit of the unfamiliar, in a few paragraphs.

First, though, how do you make friends and influence people? I first began to twig to possible Russian cosplay (role-playing, including visual images as ‘costuming’ effects) on the internet when my frequent collaborator described a curious interaction he’d had on Twitter.

True, I never succeeded in becoming a credible speaker, but I can find my way around.

Some classics of Russian literature came my way — in English — and I rather got into the atmosphere of the slavophile world.

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