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How to get in: Make a reservation by calling or texting (310) 906-7218. After gorging yourself at Animal, you’ve likely wondered about that mysterious place across the street with no sign, blacked out window, and a steady stream of model-types making their way past a bouncer. Inside -- if you manage to make it in -- you’ll find a low-key, dimly lit club with exposed brick, velvet curtains, vintage chandeliers, and elaborate artwork created by some of the rockstar clientele.At the heart of the bar is a weekly rotating menu from Chef Jared Simons that features everything from Southern comfort fare like the signature fried chicken to a hearty bolognese to an upcoming monthly Sunday dinner series with plant-based versions of the weekly menu like smoked carrot tartare and Southern fried hen of the wood mushrooms.Oh, and adult beverages, of course, like the snicker-worthy Rusty Trombone with tequila, grapefruit, and white pepper syrup, or the Money Shot, which includes a can of beer and a shot of fernet.How to get in: Look for a fake video store (are there any other kinds these days?Inside you’ll find wingback chairs and intimate booths, 1929 Wurlitzer jukebox, cocktails made from small-batch spirits, like the new D.

The lineup leans towards whiskies, rums, and tequilas -- some of which aren’t even made anymore -- with which they’ll happily walk you through a bit of history and create a customized cocktail.

) in a Hollywood strip mall and follow the glowing pink neon sign at the back.

Warszawa, Santa Monica’s decades-old Polish institution, recently reinvented itself as Solidarity.

In addition to a spiffy refresh to the restaurant, they’ve created a secret bar with thick red curtains, eclectic furniture, a piano, and plenty of vodka (obviously).

Beyond the lounge area, there’s also a spacious covered patio where you can sip martinis to your heart’s content.

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